Missionary Activity
Building Bridges...Bringing Hope...
Be part of our building team!!
Evangilization & Pastoral Ministry
A Friar needs $100 per month to cover his living expenses although, just the average
cost of fuel per month averages much more.

Missionaries have the primary task of bringing the faith and then sustain the Church.  
They must find ways to keep the faithful active in their faith and commitment to Christ.
 Offering the Sacraments is only the beginning.  Ongoing education and spiritual
development such as seminars, workshops, retreats, counseling, etc. Is essential to
building up the Church and planting the seed for religious vocations.  This is the only
way we can fulfill our Lord's mandate to "bring the good  news to all the nations".

Some of the immediate projects are the completion of a new Church in Chavuma (on
the Angolan Border).  $14,500 is needed to finish financing this project.  With the raise
of vocations housing for the men is limited.  A building projects has begun to make
this dream come true.  It is with your financial help that a "bridge" can be built so that
a new friary will house the men in Formation for the future of the Vice-Province.
Capuchin Franciscan Friars
Province of the Stigmata of St. Francis