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In Zambia 2.2 million people are HIV positive.
 This reflects 20% of the adult population.  It
has caused a crisis with an enormous impact
on the economy due to the depletions of
their workforce.  

The Friars are able to provide screening,
treatment, counseling, and sometimes just
comfort and relief to patients and families.  
Father Charlie Hanley together with Brother
Rod Pieretti have created different programs
and are in the process of doing more.  
However, the need the support to be able
to keep expanding assistance.  

The Missionaries of Charity Aids Hospice and
the Street Girls and Boys projects in Lusaka
alone need $1,250 per month to help
hundreds of children.  Fr. Charlie Hanley's
AIDS programs needs an average of $1,500
per month to be able to maintain assistance
to our current patients and orphans.
destitute, and who have no
destitute, and who have no
other source of assistance, it
can bring me to tears"
can bring me to tears"

Fr. Charlie Hanley, O.F.M. Cap
AIDS Program Director
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